Friday, March 26, 2010

Geelong Farmall

This plastic Farmall M was made in the early 1950's as a promotional item for the real Farmall M built at the Geelong factory in Australia. It could be quite possible that this model was manufactured in Australia also. From a distance you would say: 'this is a Farmall by Product Miniature'. If you look closer, there are some interesting differences to be discovered. Most obvious are the gold leaf 'Factory Geelong' decals. Then there are markings on the engine sump, showing a map of Australia with lines pointing to Geelong area and the letters 'APA'. The same letters are moulded onto the rear tyres. It could be the name of the maker of this model.
Besides the Product Miniature and the Australian Geelong 'M', similar Farmall models have been made by Brio of Sweden, Lego of Denmark and a wide front end version of the Farmall M manufactured for the English Doncaster plant.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brazilian 5000 Series

In addition to the recently posted Brazilian MF 200 and 6000 series, here some images of the 5000 series by 3LS Miniaturas, as well as the 6360 with box! These models came out a few years ago and are not available anymore.

John Deere 'Kombajn'

Shortly after I found this rare yellow Smer combine, I came across his 'green brother' in perfect condition with original box!