Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fidart / Chico Toys

Recently I came across two special tractor models made in South America: an MF and Bukh. Most people will recognize these as made by Lion Molberg (MF) and Vilmer (Bukh). Both are old toy manufacturers from Danmark and well known from their 1/43rd diecast car models. Some of the moulds were sold to South American toy manufactures and re-used. The new casted models were launched on the market under different brands and often painted in different colours.

The Massey Ferguson 35 and Bukh D-30 tractors are both made by Chico Toys of Colombia. However, I now found a pair new in the box and never seen before. The boxes reveal some interesting facts. On the bottom is printed: 'Fabricado no Brasil por Fidart Metal ltda' and 'Distribuição nacional: Stricto Comercial ltda' which is portuguese for 'manufactured by Fidart Metal ltda and national distribution by Stricto Comercial ltda', both were based in Sao Paulo.

Should we conclude that Chico Toys from Colombia shared their moulds with Fidart from Brazil? Obviously Fidart launched a range of models on the Brazilian market under the brand name 'Speed Box'. However, 'Chico Toys' is not vanished but still molded on both tractors.

The MF and Bukh are known in two colour variations: most seen are models with green chassis and fenders with red bonnet and rims, and more scarce are models with black chassis with metallic blue fenders and red bonnet and rims. One side of the bonnet carries a decal with 'Chico Toys', the other side has a decal with either 'Bukh Diesel D-30' or 'Massey Ferguson 35', although the blue/black/red versions sometimes don't have any decals at all.

Most of the Chico Toys tractors I've seen in the past came in a simple plastic transparent box. The Fidart version and box I've never seen before. Something they have all in common is metal fatigue, resulting in a very low number of survivors nowadays. Any additional info on the Chico/Fidart story is welcome!

Fidart launched a range of models on the Brazilian market under the brand name 'Speed Box'...

...based on the Danish Lion Molberg moulds.
Rarest colour version: blue metallic/black/red.


  1. Hi! Concgratulations for your blog! Can you make pictures from the other side of the box? The side you din't show still... And please, can you take a picture from the base of the model? Thanks!

  2. I use to visit this factory when I was a five year old kid !
    This factory was located in the corner of Salem Bechara street in the city of Osasco,state of São Paulo,Brazil !
    Thanks for the pictures !